I've been performing for as long as I can remember. Even as a toddler, I would imitate my favorite movies and put on shows for anyone that would pay attention to my antics. As I got older, I discovered that this translated well to the stage, and I became a very active part of my local community theatre - The Geyer Performing Arts Center.  With the support of my family, I pursued both Theatre and Psychology degrees at Washington and Jefferson College. I then moved from my small hometown of Scottdale, Pennsylvania to the slightly more opportunity-driven Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I continued pursuing acting at a semi-professional level.
I finally made the move to Los Angeles, California in 2014 and have been an active working actor ever since. I've been lucky enough to study with many amazing teachers including, but not limited to Jeffery Brooks, Judy Kain, Sheryl Lee, and Killian McHugh. While I am still pursuing acting as my primary career, I have also leapt into writing, producing, voiceover, and modeling. You can now see me in a variety of finished products including short films, television episodes, web series, and more! Be sure to check out my production company website as well, www.femmeregard.com!

Vinyl Date - Dani (lead), Producer - Tyler Nisbet
Desert Flowers - Marigold (lead), Writer, Producer - Femme Regard Productions
Natural Selection - Angela (lead), Writer, Producer - Femme Regard Productions
The Girl Who Rides The Train Alone At Night - Girl (lead), Writer, Producer - Femme Regard Productions
How is Heaven - Riley (lead) - NYFA
America's Court with Judge Ross - Katie Nicks (guest star) - Entertainment Studios (KCAL9)
Correspondence - Future (voice), Executive Producer - Misfit Picture Shows
Tacos Y Cocaine - Maria (supporting) - Ryan Ito
Most Likely... - T'Julia (supporting) - Who Gives A ____ Productions
What I Wish I Knew About Sex Parody - Girlfriend (lead) - Eric Bellows
THEATRE (selected)
Not Another Horror Story - Kim (lead) - Hollywood Fringe Festival
The Tempest - Miranda (lead) - Pittsburgh Shakespeare in the Parks
AllCal - Rebecca (lead) - Casual Mondays Productions
Between Dreams - Girl (lead), Narrator - Between Dreams
Various Videos - Leads and Supporting - Golden Era Studios
Indestructible - Yogi (lead) - Fortune Cookie
Vocalist (Alto-Soprano), Reads Music, Improvisation (Short Form), Voice Over (Animation-Commercial), Horseback Riding, Shooting: Revolver/Pistol, Yoga, Piano, Flute
Commercial Callback - Danielle Eskinazi
The Actor's Director - Sheryl Lee and Gary Hershberger
Second City Improv 1, 2, 3 - Cory Rittmaster, Kevin McGeehan, Laura Meghee
Adult Commercial Workshop and Improv for Commercials - Killian McHugh
A-Z Commercial Class - Keep It Real Acting - Paul Hungerford
Commercial Callback Class - Keep It Real Acting - Judy Kain
Audition Workshop - Judy Bouley
Inner Circle Theatre - Jeffery Brooks and Industry Guests
For the Actor Coaching - Peter Looney and Julia Huffman
Audition Therapy - Ryan Glasgow
VO Animation & Commercial - Voicetrax West - Susan Paly